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Teal's Beauty Essentials "Beauty Needs With Ease," operates similar to a beauty supply store.  We supply your most needed beauty essentials including bonnets, hair bundles, jewelry, lashes, wigs, and more!  Explore Teal’s Beauty Essentials now.

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Human Hair Care Tips

Important Information

1. Invest in a good moisturizing conditioner

Of course, first things first, you need to invest in a good moisturizing conditioner because you will have to wash your human hair regularly. Even if you decide to adhere to the rule of using hair care products cautiously, you will still have to purchase products that can clean your hair without damaging it. When buying a conditioner, look for one that will help to permeate and retain moisture in your hair.

2. Wash your human hair regularly

If you want your human hair to look beautiful and healthy, you need to wash it frequently. To wash your human hair, you need to start by wetting it under the water. You can wet it in the shower or hold it under the bathtub tap. This is to help it from getting tangled in a basin or sink.

Apply mild shampoo on the wig. Distribute the shampoo from the top to the tip of the wig. Once you have done that, you need to rinse it using clean, cold running water. Avoid using hot water as it can damage your beautiful hair. After that, squeeze lightly any excess water from the wig. Do not rub or wring the wig out.  To dry off the wig, blot it gently.

3. Condition the wig properly

When your hair is still damp, you need to apply some high-quality conditioner. Spread the conditioner evenly to ensure that it penetrates into the wig. It is advisable to let the conditioner rest in your wig for about five minutes. While the wig is wet and saturated with conditioner, detangle the wig gently, from the tip to the top of the wig. Then you can rinse the conditioner using cold, running water.

4. Brush your human hair wigs regularly

Of course, if you want to prevent your human hair from tangling, then you need to ensure that you brush it regularly. You need to use the right comb when brushing your hair. A wide-toothed comb is ideal for brushing human hair wigs as it can help untangle them. Moreover, a wide-toothed comb can handle bigger knots and reduce shedding. Tangle-free wigs tend to look more beautiful and healthier. If you want to add a bit of volume to your wig, then you need to invest in a paddle brush. This brush can help you achieve that without necessarily applying heat to your strands.

5. Choose your hair products carefully

Choose your human hair products carefully. It is advisable to use only shampoos and conditioners that are paraben and sulfate-free. Avoid hair products that contain alcohol. That’s because they are potent to human hair structure and can strip the hair its moisture and elasticity. Hair elasticity is vital as it enables hair to withstand manipulation in regards to hairstyling.

6. Use heat protectant sprays carefully

If you have opted for flat iron as a way of styling your hair, you should ensure that you are using a heat protectant on those strands. It’s advisable to use the lowest heat setting as too much heat will only damage your human hair. This is something that you wouldn’t want.

7. Wear your wig less often

If you want your wig to maintain its vibrancy, you need to wear it less often. Your wig is just like your favorite t-shirt. If you wear your favorite t-shirt more often, it will start to fray and fade. It won’t look as good as when you bought it. Your wig also works the same. Too much exposure to the sun, products, and hairstyle manipulations can drastically reduce your human hair wig’s lifespan. That’s why it is advisable to have at least three wigs that you can alternate so that the other one can rest for some time. 

8. Never sleep in your wig

This is one of the most common mistakes among wig wearers. You should never sleep in your wig. You should let your scalp breathe at night. That’s why you should remove your wig at night. Besides, sleeping in your wig can make it more prone to tangling, something that you may not want.

9. Store your human hair properly to extend its lifespan

Finally, if you want to maintain your wig’s appearance and boost its longevity, you need to store it properly when not wearing it. First, make sure that the hair clean and tangle-free. If you recently washed your wig, you need to ensure that it is dry. Damp hair can form mildew and become quite smelly. That’s why you shouldn’t dare store your wig when it is wet. The best way to store your wig when not wearing it is to hang it on a wig hanger or mannequin head and not on a drawer.

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